Sometimes it is difficult to determine which category an event belongs to. We advise you to first read all purpose categories and determine which describes your event best.

  1. We consider all projects that have been realized between 01.12.2021 and 20.11.2022
  2. You can nominate the same event at Amber prize up to 3 times. However, the description of the event, its goals and objectives should be presented in terms of the requirements of each category.

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2. Dates and Place of the Event *
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3. Clients Brief and Goals *
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What was the purpose of the Event?
What did You have to achieve?
What was Your target and who was Your audience?
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What results did You get? We would like to see numbers, sales, data, or anything else You can share. The more You share the better for Your entry. Don’t forget that the impact has to correspond to the clients brief.
7. Why does Your project deserve the Award? *
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Why Your project is the best and deserves this Award. What makes it unique?
Option for linking to video files hosted on the web. Links to YouTube and Vimeo videos are automatically embedded in the submission.
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