Sometimes it is difficult to determine which category an event belongs to. We advise you to first read all purpose categories and determine which describes your event best.

  1. We consider all projects that have been realized between 01.12.2021 and 20.11.2022
  2. You can nominate the same event at Amber prize up to 3 times. However, the description of the event, its goals and objectives should be presented in terms of the requirements of each category.

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Learn more about our categories:

Best Internal Corporate Event
Any business event intended to reward, honor, engage or educate the employees, partners or shareholders (e.g. conferences, seminars, incentives, cycle meetings, internal corporate parties, retreats, team buildings, awards etc.). Internal target groups are managers, employees and stakeholders. Formats might be incentive or team-building events, change processes, kick-offs as well as training events.

Best Brand Experience
This category honors creative marketing events used by businesses to motivate and inspire their target groups, the events that are aimed at creating engagement between the target and the product
These can be retailer presentations, road shows, a kick-off event, open day made for external target groups, customers, media and users.

Best Educational/Training Event
Event with educational/training objectives, regardless of topic, location, size and target audience.
Significant difference with the category "Best internal corporate event" (if it is educational) in the target audience of the event.
If you want to apply for both categories “Best internal corporate event” and “Best Educational/Training Event” be ready to explain the advantages in two different ways: what were the creative ideas for education/networking for people from the same company and for the brand in general (Best Internal Corporate event) and what were the creative ideas in educational program/format (Best Educational/Training Event)

Best Sport Event
Events dedicated to sport activities are welcome in this category. These include regional, provincial or national tournaments, championships and competitions.
Significant difference with the category "Best internal corporate event" (if it is related to sport) that you have to describe the creative ideas related to city marketing, brand experience, health or other benefits achieved due to sport role.

Best Public Event
This category covers all events open to the general public, including entertainment events, consumer events, fairs and public installations. The Event has to include institutional and/or entertainment moments.

Best Live PR
Projects in this category are creative advertising campaigns that create new contact with the target audience, promote the brand, and form customer experiences.

Best Brand Activation
Launch event or brand activations created to launch or re-launch a brand, product or service. This category celebrates the best live projects and solutions for brand communication and the activation of brand target groups. "Brand" is defined as a "promise" of the values and qualities of services and products. Possible event formats in this category include product launches, road shows or presentations for an open or closed group of participants

Best Cultural Event
All events that promote culture belong here, including parades, shows, music or dance events, festivals, carnivals, historical reconstructions etc. Significant difference with the category "Best Public Event" is culture promotion.

Best Low Budget Event
Best event with a budget less than: 15 000 euros in the Baltic States and Russia, and less than 35 000 euros in Germany, Poland, Finland and Scandinavia.

Best Social Project
This category was created for events of a wide humanistic spectrum, such as mercy, charity and enlightenment. These events have a social purpose, especially those that work towards a sustainable society.

Best Integrated Project
Often an event is part of a large marketing campaign. If your agency was responsible for part of the campaign with an integrated communication project (in which case the event (on- or offline) is a key element of the planning strategy), you can apply to this category. However, remember that you cannot assign the results of an entire campaign to the single event category. You need to prove that your part played an important role in the marketing strategy and brought certain results to it as well as to show how the project was included in the strategy and what figures can you give for this project. And, most importantly, why without this project the campaign would not have been successful.

Best Creative Installation
Territorial activation event through artistic installations, ‘stunts’ for promotional/commercial purposes.

Hybrid Event

A category devoted to events that combine a live in-person experience with a “virtual” online component. Applying for this category, please, keep in mind that the offline guests and participants is a "must" for this category.

Online Event

Any online event that involves people interacting in/with a virtual environment (partly or entirely) can enter this category.

Best Digital Transformation
An event adapted and reinterpreted in digital terms after or during the COVID pandemic. An important role here plays the description of the event "before" and "after" the COVID pandemic. You have to tell how you managed to modernize the event and adapt it to a digital (partially digital) format without losing the benefits for the participants.