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Learn more about our categories:

Best Internal Corporate Event
Any business event intended to reward, honor, engage or educate the employees, partners or shareholders (e.g. conferences, seminars, incentives, cycle meetings, internal corporate parties, retreats, team buildings, awards etc.). Internal target groups are managers, employees and stakeholders. Formats might be incentive or team-building events, change processes, kick-offs as well as training events.

Best Brand Experience
This category honors creative marketing events used by businesses to motivate and inspire their target groups. These can be retailer presentations, road shows, a kick-off event, open day made for external target groups, customers, media and users.

Best Conference
Best conferences, regardless of topic, location, size and target audience.

Best Sport Event
Events dedicated to sport activities are welcome in this category.

Best Public Event
This category covers all events open to the general public, including entertainment events, consumer events, fairs, and public installations.

Best Live PR
Projects in this category are creative advertising campaigns that create new contact with the target audience, promote the brand, and form customer experiences.

Best Brand Activation
Launch event or brand activations created to launch or re-launch a brand, product or service. This category celebrates the best live projects and solutions for brand communication and the activation of brand target groups. "Brand" is defined as a "promise" of the values and qualities of services and products. Possible event formats in this category include product launches, road shows or presentations for an open or closed group of participants

Best Cultural Event
All events that promote culture belong here, including parades, shows, music or dance events, festivals, carnivals, historical reconstructions etc.

Best Low Budget Event
Best event with a budget less than: 15 000 euros in the Baltic States and Russia, and less than 35 000 euros in Germany, Poland, Finland and Scandinavia.

Best Social Project
This category was created for events of a wide humanistic spectrum, such as mercy, charity and enlightenment. These events have a social purpose, especially those that work towards a sustainable society.

Hybrid Event
A category devoted to events that combine a live in-person experience with a “virtual” online component. Applying for this category, please, keep in mind that the offline guests and participants is a "must" for this category.

Online Event
Any online event that involves people interacting in/with a virtual environment (partly or entirely) can enter this category.

Live Streaming
Any live-streamed event no matter the online channel or tech used could enter this category.

Any seminar, training, educational talk conducted online is welcome to join here.