Amber Event Awards is a big showcase platform.
Agencies can apply for the awards and some of them get shortlisted after the first round. The competition starts few months before the Awards. On November 24 and 25, 3 best projects from 14 categories, over 40 stories of success and examples of the best event solutions will be shown to the public and get their prizes.
Amber Awards
Amber Awards is a great Festival of knowledge, where education and inspiration find business and new business opportunities.

Every project is presented by different agency, and these small presentations educate and inspire the industry. There is no other live showcase where both, agencies and clients, can understand modern trends and find interesting solutions for their events.
Amber Awards attracts dozens of agencies all over the Region and beyond — those who need or want to work and organize events in the Baltic Sea Region, those who search Baltic agencies, those who need understand northern way of making events.
This is the Festival for people of practice. Agencies present their project and explain why it is successful and how was it done. Everyone can ask anything and get the answers.