Amber Prize is the only one meeting for the nordic event industry. The event was born as a daring business project designed to establish new ways of communication and to strengthen cooperation between the countries bordering the Baltic Sea.

Every year dozens of agencies, event buyers and suppliers come to find new clients and business, compare notes and be inspired
Tallinn | Kultuurikatel
4 — 5 March, 2024


Amber Prize attracts dozens of agencies all over Europe and beyond — those who need or want to work and organize events, those who search agencies, those who need to understand the modern way of making events.

This is the event for people of practice. Agencies present their project and explain why it is successful and how it was done. Everyone can ask anything and get the answers.
Amber Prize is a great event of knowledge, where education and inspiration meet networking and new business opportunities.


The Sea for us is, of course, the Baltic Sea — and this sea touches the lives of altogether 185 million people. In fact, while some of the people around The Sea call it the East Sea, and some the West Sea, and many others the Baltic Sea — maybe the old Latvian fishermen were closest to the truth: they called it The Big Sea (liela jura).

— Toomas Hendrik Ilves

The Baltic-Nordic Event Forum was born in 2016 in Tallinn

We created this event to strengthen cooperation between the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, so as to meet common challenges and benefit from the common opportunities facing the region. We support and believe in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The geography of this region that unites original cultures around the Baltic Sea, and the region’s location within the European community are all strong and objective prerequisites for the powerful rise of events in northeastern Europe.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the Baltic Event Industry Club, together with 8 other country associations of the Region, has started working on a few initiatives: a common letter to local MEPs, Unique Guidelines for the North European event industry, identification and numbers of the industry in each country. As a result, we have organized a program and topics that correspond to the most important challenges that the live communication industry will face in the future.

We know that events can influence the world much better than any other industry. We realize that event managers at the Forum deal with over 200 different business fields, and deliver different messages, all while creating a unique atmosphere and designing the world’s future. They are even a kind of echo of the modern economy.

In 2022 we decided to merge The Baltic-Nordic Event Forum and Amber Prize to bring the most interesting discussions and to cheer-up the most successful projects. Amber Prize is a key meeting place for event professionals, customers and creative minds from all over the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

Many successful projects have been implemented under the this event, and still much more is left to be done.